Time tracking made easy

An OS X and iOS app to track and log the time spent on JIRA® issues.


Time Tracking Made Easy

Time counter on you status bar, or on your phone, super-simple time submission, filters, search and comments on your record.

"Improved productivity.
Logging work in JIRA doesn't get easier than this."
- Random guy with a MacBook

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here is what most users want to know.

I cannot login, what now?
Starting with version 1.1.4 we introduced a "Test Connection" button. It performs a login and tells you if something is off.

You can then check:
- If the API access is enabled in your JIRA instance.
- If you need 'http' or 'https'
- That you used correct credentials (you need your username, not your email address)
- If you try too many times, JIRA might want you to enter a captcha. You can do that on your JIRA website.