Time tracking made easy

macOS and iOS apps to track and log the time spent on JIRA® issues


Time Tracking Made Easy

Time counter on you status bar, or on your phone, super-simple time submission, filters, search and comments on your record.

"Improved productivity.
Logging work in JIRA does not get easier than this."
- Random guy with a MacBook

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here is what most users want to know.

I cannot login, what now?
Starting with version 1.1.4 we introduced a "Test Connection" button. It performs a login and tells you if something is off.

You can then check:
- If the API access is enabled in your JIRA instance.
- If you need 'http' or 'https'
- That you used correct credentials (you need your username, not your email address)
- If you try too many times, JIRA might want you to enter a captcha. You can do that on your JIRA website.

Atlassian Cloud
If you already enabled the Atlassian Account authentication, then you need to use your email address instead of your username to log in.

Google Suite SSO
- First signup with G Suite, you are prompted to create a JIRA password as well.
- This password along with your email address should be used with apps that use the API of JIRA (like our time tracker).
- But this password is optional… If you did not set it up, you can either have your administrator reset it, or you can use the forgot password link (this does not affect your google password).